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  • Black Arabian Purebred Stallions At Stud

    Black Arabian Purebred Stallions At Stud


    a weird guy invites you to "pull up your favorite easy chair, grab a beverage or snack" and imagine your own ponies getting fucked by a catalog of genetically-superior arabian stallions who all have names like mk-assassination triggers or mib aliases. horrific intersection of the eugenics inherent to all animal husbandry combined with ranch-owning americans' fetishized orientalizing of "black arabian studs" they've named shit like Bahim Hasan, Thee Raven, (?) Lorien Jester Bey, and, no joke, "WMB Khalil Jihad." i…

  • Temple of the God Makers

    Temple of the God Makers

    i like how this evangelical mormon-hate tape has a "due to the nature of this program" mature audiences warning like a eazy e video or something. jack chick presents STARBASE KOLOB: the animated gospels, inc. freemasonry, the illuminati, contactee joseph smith & "the mormon explanation for the negro race." mormons are joining the reagan administration, pentagon & cia to "usher in theocratic communism"? (bo gritz joined in 1984.) v interested in LDS ufology now--nick sales sings "if you could hie to kolob": youtu.be/fc4aptFGpRg (Methinks the Spirit whispers, “No man has found ‘pure space’...)

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