Seaspiracy ★★★

This a documentary preaching right to me. I'm literally the target audience, as I'm an animal rights vegan. But on the other hand, I try really hard to appeal to mainstream people. I stress flexitarianism over veganism, as the latter is a huge jump and turns people off. Vegans have a bad habit of making the perfect be the enemy of the good.

So with Seaspiracy, it comes off to me as a mixture of incredibly important and unfocused. It stresses a lot about the dangers or fishing, how they kill smarter animals like dolphins and whales, and all the collateral damage of fishing, including to humans. But the whole time I'm thinking, what about the actual fish? Very little is spent on them. Then a guy towards the end says that killing a whale feeds as much as killing 200 chickens, and the interviewer is like "yeah that does make sense. I guess I should just have paid more attention to fish and if they feel pain or not."

The movie also spends a lot of time on sustainable seafood. It really wants to debunk this terminology, but in the grand scheme of things, how important is this? I've heard very few people ever use that term as a defense. It's more of an insider term and this battle feels like it's missing the bigger point.

Environmental groups not telling people to stop eating meat was an issue well before this documentary. In a way, I do agree with this movie for calling them out. Meat consumption is the second leading cause of climate change while focusing on straws is just an empty platitude. But on the other hand, I do see why environmental groups are hesitant to tell people what to eat. It creates an automatic defense in people and the big tent approach can make some changes as long as you meet people where they are. To quote Ruth Bader Ginsburg, to change the government you must change the culture. I think it applies to environmental agencies too. There's a value to not jumping too far ahead of society (and besides, there are other charities who are meeting that demand and taking harder no-meat stances).

What's important in here is important. We are killing animals in mass amounts, both directly and indirectly. We are changing the world and destroying resources. We are literally killing the planet.

What can you do? If you eat fish 2 nights a week, consider knocking it down to 1. Maybe have some fun and try out a vegan restaurant in your area. That's it. You are making a difference.

If this movie inspires you to do more, even better. My worry is it gets too much in the semantics of terminologies being used, but I'm happy to be proven wrong if I see this movie is making a big difference

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