The Power

The Power ★★★★

The Power is like The Devil's Backbone meets Carrie. And everyone who knows me knows anything like Carrie is my weakness. In fact a character is reading Carrie in this. And that's about the 20 minute mark, when I was on the fence with the movie. And if you've watched as many movies as I have you know when a character refences another movie, that movie probably influenced the movie you're watching. So I was like "sweet is this movie gonna be like Carrie!?"

I also love the title, which I assumed was just a boring generic title before I watched. But then you realize "power" has a triple meaning in this - the electrical power outage that causes the chaos; the power dynamics that caused past horrors to happen; and the physical power to fight back.

Women supporting women. My favorite horror movie of 2021, so far.

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