Coded Bias

Coded Bias ★★★½

As society moves forward, there's a concentrated effort to put stalls on that progress, like an anchor holding down a ship. The current assault on voting rotes in the US from people who know their ways of thinking are as old as they are, know that by manipulating the system they can milk a little more life out of antiquated ideas.

A very scary form of this system-rigging regress is in our technology. A documentary by Shalini Kantayya inspired by PHD student Joy Buolamwini, Coded Bias shows how our face-recognition technology, written by white men heavily favors white men. Anywhere from employment possibilities to giving police due process to grab someone off the street for questioning, it works as a form of discrimination and gate-keeping simultaneously, and especially a way to halt progress.

A very distressing doc at times, but with a hopeful ending.

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