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  • Paranormal Activity

    Paranormal Activity


    My favorite memory of watching this in the theater when it came out was I was heavy in my alcoholic years then. Now I'm booze-free, and though I'd like to say my life has changed drastically, but it basically went from watching movies getting trashed to watching movies drinking perrier and hot tea.

    Anyway, flashback 2007. Opening night of Paranormal Activity. At my favorite theater. I had this movie down.

    Nighttime = scary af
    Daytime = boring af

    So I…

  • Terror, Sisters!

    Terror, Sisters!


    A movie that at first had me worried it may just be an advocacy piece for transgender people, which is fine if valued on its message alone, but when evaluated as a movie it can be a failure. They literally flash the definition of cisgender on the screen towards the beginning, worrying me this was just gonna be 23 minutes of an education.

    But the director is smarter than that, and rightfully steers this film into a fun and bonkers…

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  • Censor



    I admit up front, though I think this is a great movie, something with this movie hit me on a personal level due to recent stuff in my life. I recently directed a horror movie and several members of the crew quit the night before filming due to how violent the script was. Of course the biggest issue is they waited til the day before to read it, but regardless all I could think about is how none of them…

  • The Day of the Beast

    The Day of the Beast


    A well-meaning priest who dives into evil debauchery, a TV host who is as charismatic as he is incompetent and a goofy metalhead all team up to find the antichrist, who may or may not have been incarnated in Madrid on Christmas Day.

    If that sounds bananas, Day of the Beast even crazier than that.