Audacious, miraculous, breathtaking, beautiful, inventive, extraordinary and packed with more emotion than 90% of films starring real people, Pixar's 'WALL.E' will stand the test of time as one of the greatest cinematic animation films, it's first 40 minutes in particular leaves you in no doubt that the infamous animation studio were touched by the hand of God - or other divine power - using the language and history of cinema and Sci-Fi cinema to create something new, something awe inspiring. It is an ode to cinema in many ways, an ode to the art of communication and love at it's very core.

Using nary a word of dialogue and inspired by Ben Burtt's stunning sound design and the studio's wonderfully expressive animation that here hit new heights. What Ben Burtt has managed to achieve here with his pioneering work is to give personality to and create an emotional centre for our lovers WALL.E and EVE. Their love story is one of the most heartfelt in all of cinema and it is in large down to Burtt. The way in which WALL.E tries to communicate with - or get the attention of - EVE is miraculous. The human emotions we see in these robots of course makes his courtship of EVE completely identifiable, the awkwardness, the embarrassment, the foolish feeling of trying and failing to communicate and get her attention, only to be chased by shopping trolleys or crushed by piping, I mean who hasn't been there, right?

Pixar could be criticised for bailing out on the brilliance and audacious first half by following it up with a more conventional second but 'WALL.E' remains a terrifically entertaining film despite this because that first half completely wins us over to the characters. We are willing WALL.E on, we care about him, we want him and EVE to be together, to be happy and to return to Earth bringing new life. It would have been interesting to see just how much more Pixar could have taken the idea's and execution of the first half and whether it could have sustained a whole film in that manner but can we not just rejoice in the fact that they achieved something of real beauty here.

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