Uaka ★★★★★

"More recent films such as Naked Spaces: Living Is Round and Sky (Uaká)tend less to celebrate than identify a set of alternative values, drawn from other cultures and ways of life. They do so in an equally poetic, oblique style. Sky(Uaká) offers glimpses of an annual ritual honoring the dead among the Xingu in the Brazilian Amazon but provides minimal explanation. Built almost entirely around the type of suspense utilized by Flaherty in the famous sequence of Nanook hunting a seal where we only grasp the significance of actions retrospectively, but without the "pay-off' we get in Nanook, without any concluding summation or holistic frame, Sky (Uaká)leaves us with a sense of textures, colors, and rhythms, actions, gestures, and rituals that elude anyone strategy for comprehension without ever suggesting that the events arei n comprehensible or merely raw material for poetic expression. The linear, chronological flow of image and argument in Flaherty's work and inmost expository films-driven by the diachronic march of cause/ effect, premise/conclusion, problem/solution-turns into the "vertical," more musical pattern of association where scenes follow one another for their poetic resonance rather than for their fidelity to temporal and logical _REPRESENTING REALITYIssues and Concepts in DocumentaryBILL NICHOLS 1991