Patricio Johnson

Patricio Johnson

Movie obsessed homemaker dad; fully recovered musician; blossoming screenwriter.

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  • Hitchcock/Truffaut



    Full circle. This film about a book that I pored over as a teen, dreaming of the day I would take up the camera and become an auteur in my own right. Alas, my hero died young and now I've missed all those opportunities, but the book still holds so much genius, and this documentary is a nice overview of the zeitgeist that brought it about. Especially nice to hear snippets of the original interview tapes, where one hears the true voices of creativity in conversation.

  • Desk Set

    Desk Set


    We library people keep a special place in our hearts for this one - many references (heh) still relevant.

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  • Johnny Apollo

    Johnny Apollo


    Not sure how this little noir pic slipped by. Henry Hathaway directs, letting love win out after dangling the lure of filthy lucre in front of college boy Power. Nevermind that he's only doing it to get his old man out of the joint, and that he's a millionaire who embezzled his way in. The only real good souls? The drunken attorney and the canary with the heart of gold (Dorothy Lamour) who both sacrifice everything for the boy. Some good high tension moments and a couple of tugs at the heartstrings made this worth my time. Nice photography made it all the more so.

  • The Reckless Moment

    The Reckless Moment

    Noir and mother-love brought to us by the great Max Ophuls.