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  • Monsieur Hulot's Holiday

    Monsieur Hulot's Holiday


    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

    A light comedy on its face, with farcical episodic bits and a lot of physical comedy and sight gags, covering up a suspicious lack of narrative arc and suggestions of a lost romance. I think I kind of see that, but to me the film feels much more broadly about a sense of loneliness in general.

    The extremely textured soundtrack, a noted inspiration for David Lynch, constantly has something going on, be it the goofy sound effect…

  • Nashville



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    One of the greatest films ever made, and probably the greatest film about the South.

    Altman’s network narrative, wide shots zooming to closeups, and preoccupation with performance and spectacle are all working so precisely to paint a picture of Nashville, the South, and the U.S. at large: kaleidoscopic, contradictory, well-intentioned, ill-fated.

    In my intro cinema class, I saw a clip from this movie that was talking about zooming into a shot versus tracking in. It was the scene at the…

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  • Bad Lieutenant

    Bad Lieutenant


    Maybe the definitive film on the futility of the violent phallic mindset, the active and aggressive subject mystified and in awe of an object that has the mental fortitude to just let things happen to them.

    Keitel’s character can only act as a phallic subject, acting, reacting, alternating violent-hard and impotent-soft, his screaming not even the cathartic real kind but one of emotional scraping, the sound of gears improperly shifting past each other. His hypocrisy comes from an inability to…

  • Les vacances continuent

    Les vacances continuent


    The Breadtube diet giallo lighting is much more effective with the film grain and Kenneth Anger lens flares and reflective glint of this kind of film. Fun, but like most music video works, not exactly essential. Good training ground for the excellent Knife + Heart though.

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  • Hollywood



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    An abominable, hideous fetishization of representation in media.

    When Moonlight won Best Picture in 2016, it did a lot of things. People saw themselves represented on screen, they were told that their stories mattered, and the industry was shown that bold, diverse stories can be profitable and critically viable in awards season. It was a watershed moment for popular American cinema, it is my tied for my favorite movie, and it is the reason why I'm in college for film.…

  • Videodrome



    The phallic protrusion of the tumor gun, the vaginal maw of the chussy, the anal puckering of the fleshy cassette: body horror of the most psychoanalytic variety.

    Long love the new flesh. Was struck this time by James Woods’ pervert face and Debbie Harry’s pout and sultry speaking voice. Always noteworthy elements, but they still stand out so strongly after all these rewatches.