Tenet ★★★★½

Nolan, you fuckin beauty ♥️
Time travel movies always fascinates me. I think this is the only movie after 'primer' which actually challenged my brain. I was curious about every detail on the screen and how it happened. I guess the key to understand this movie is simple as that:
- watch the movie
- do a lot of reading about it (theories, flow diagrams and all)
- re-watch the movie
I know its a lot of work but if you're into quantum physics and alert af then you can skip last 2 of those steps lol.

The idea of this movie is damn fascinating. The film takes reality and plays it backwards and forwards at the same time. From its heart racing opening to its dual-timeline finale, Nolan pushes the boundaries of how film is presented and meant to be consumed. Playing fast and loose with chronology, Tenet is built like a puzzle with a story that folds over itself enough times to make you believe the screenplay was built from origami. Put simply, the film demands numerous viewings to untangle its interwoven narrative and will undoubtably attract a myriad of interpretations.

It is a mind bending, action packed experience. The cinematography is super. Some scenes are simply breath taking. It's a visual art. The action and practical effects are incredible.
The performances are great. John David Washington is excellent and Robert Pattinson is cool minded done a mature performance and rest of the cast have done a superb job.

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