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  • Mysterious Skin

    Mysterious Skin


    The most impressive thing about this film is its realism. The predator is not dehumanized at all and the prey (Neil) isn’t just a passive victim (but definitely an innocent one).
    The ending, despite its simplicity was moving and hauntingly melancholic. It Kinda reminded me of Dreyfus’s discussion of unconditional commitments, explaining how a single seemingly random event in life may influence our (un)conscious decision to make and maintain a commitment through the rest of our lives. In this case the…

  • Thelma



    Trier’s haunting psychological thriller is a mixture of aesthetically pleasing shots, strong acting, appropriate soundtrack selection and dreadful suspense which slowly unfolds to present us with an extremely controlled chaos. But all this metaphysical thriller setting is nothing but a cover for a radical notion. Thelma mounts an overwhelming attack on imposed identity, and does It by aiming for religion, family and ultimately super-ego. It narrates a tale of suppression, and takes the side of desire, heresy and anarchy against normalizing power and discipline.
    Thelma is both relieving and simultaneously disturbing because it reminds us,the other victorians, that:

    “Where there is power, there is resistance.„