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  • I Am Jonas

    I Am Jonas


    It wasn’t bad, but I don’t have much to say about it. This isn’t an oeuvre that can be re-watched forever, for there’s nothing more to be seen underneath the coming-of-age facade of the cinema—if anything, “Jonas” serves as a straw-man thriller, that subverts the genre’s cliché conclusion. It felt more like the finale episode of a television-drama, because it’s built on a narrative-chronology that’s all too tired.  But, it doesn’t matter what I say—I’m a hypocrite. After all, I…

  • Ema



    “Ema” is expressionist-cinema at the utter extreme; it’s rife with the most illusory images I’ve ever seen, recorded on film-reel—it’s anarchic, it doesn’t care. I’ve never seen the urban-city look so tormented. We move from one mise-en-scène to another, with the reggae-ton rhythm—it’s not an accompaniment, the score is a narrative-structure, too. And yet, Pablo Larrain’s most impressive achievement is the screenplay, which seems like nihilistic whim—until the terrifying third-act. Finally, I felt as if I was privy to the…

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  • Irma Vep

    Irma Vep


    I’m almost ashamed to say this, because so many letterboxd-reviews rave endlessly about Irma Vep—but it really wasn’t all that it’s made out to be. Yes, there’s something enigmatic about Assayas’s use of multi-lingualism in the often strictly French tone of his national-cinema. If I may, I’ll also admit that his mise-en-scène’s movement masterfully mimics the human-eye in some of auteur-cinema‘a best scenes; Yup, I’m talkin’ about the kleptomaniac fever-dream. But, it was still so painfully academic, and honestly—I hate…

  • Inception



    This is the first time I’ve watched Inception. Sue me. Revoke my letterboxd-account; worse yet, although there’s no film-genre that quite irks me like the testosterone-fuelled mania of action, I liked it. Inception didn’t feel as difficult to watch as has been propagated in pop-culture; in fact, it follows a predictable three-act structure—with characters that seem to be stolen from archetypal narratology. But, that’s not Nolan’s charm, is it? It’s the concept: an ingenious idea. In fact, it’s like he…