Slipknot: Welcome to our Neighborhood

Slipknot: Welcome to our Neighborhood ★★★½

After years of keeping it a semi-secret, it's time for me to admit it outright: I like Slipknot. They're a great band. They've always been a great band. I've been listening to them probably longer than most metal bands I listen to now, save perhaps Marilyn Manson. I remember buying a Slipknot shirt when I was 12; it terrified my mother and pretty much everyone else who wasn't in my eccentric circle of goth friends.

Anyway, I don't really know how to classify this; it is referred to as a video album, and I guess that is about as accurate as it can get; it is a 30 minute album-film with music videos and live performances, spliced together with interviews of the band members (brief interviews, none last longer than 30 seconds, which is only because all 9 members do not answer the same question thankfully).

Super DIY, and pretty cool. It's wild to think that all of the members at this point were around the same age I am now (25); they're all in their 40s and 50s now, except their new drummer.