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  • Rabbits



    David Lynch made an applause track (at least for me) the most welcoming noise during this brooding nightmare.

  • Gamble



    I'm thankfully unfamiliar with gambling and that made the short interesting as I discover how gambling is designed in Japan (specifically pachinko) and watching the short take advantage of its details for the story and setting.

    It may not be a fantastic short, but the progression/direction of the story is something that caught me off guard and the animation is a fine piece.

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  • An Ant's Life

    An Ant's Life


    Surprisingly horrifying. If you know it, you know, but for the fortunate people who don't, there's a genocide of children, a distorted reality sequence, disembodied body parts, a copycat of Kevin J. O'Connor's Henry, a caterpillar experiencing ecstasy by pupating, close-up egg laying, atrocious character designs, and gang violence.

    And as a head canon, this is part of a trilogy of animated ants film specifically released in 1998.

  • Paint Drying

    Paint Drying

    Exactly one year ago today, I posted my first review on Letterboxd written right after watching a film (and it was The Vast of Night, although it was written 4 days later). It is partially unprecedented that I would become a cinephile and spend the quarantine/pandemic watching films to pass time. Whether I'm happy I discovered Letterboxd or sad about not using the free time on personal projects or patting myself on the back for watching a ton of film…