Troll ★★★½

Hooptober 6.0 - Hooptober begins and gets trolled hard - The 1st entry, 16.9.2019.


"Shut that damn door!"

The first time watching this is unbeatable, but unlike its unrelated sequel, John Carl Buechler's carefree Troll is actually a good film; or like some IndieWire hack might phrase it, it's like a strangely goofy Rosemary's Baby but not at all. It's almost impossible to distinguish the campy parts from actual comedy in this totally chaotic world of fantasy and whimsical murders, where Harry Potter (Michael Moriarty) clashes against nasty trolls long before J. K. Rowling could even think about it.

Some mild horror sensations from the 80s, a silly adventure for kids, a weird comedy... with hilariously odd creature designs and a rather creepy score? It's hard to say if there's any way to properly define what Troll is and even if there was, I don't think I'd want to find out.

And honestly, Moriarty's groovy boogie is worth all the stars in the world.

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