Cruella ★★★½

Between "Cruella" and "Maleficent", I much prefer the trend of Disney villain standalone films, than I do their "live action" (read: CG action) remakes.

"Cruella" isn't without its share of issues. It's overlong, the songs are constant and too on the nose, and while I like Stone and she's decent enough in the role, I can't see why we need an American playing a very British character with a thick "ah swear ah'm Bri'ish, Iyam!" accent. No buys.

Luckily, it's also quite funny, oddly touching, it's gotta a vibrant visual aesthetic and it's never ever boring. A special mention must go to the supporting cast which is pretty fantastic, especially Peter Walt Hauser, who, like he did for director Gillespie's earlier film "I, Tonya", steals the movie for himself. But Joel Fry, Kayvan Novak, Andrew Leung and a delightfully wicked Emma Thompson are well cast as well.

Fun little film.