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  • The Suspect

    The Suspect


    "I'm going to come to your house unannounced very soon after your wife's funeral and give a detailed explanation of how I think she died, strange that you would... be upset? And now I'll continue my investigation by enabling your abusive neighbor's drinking problem" all cinematic cops are bastards

  • Matinee



    *** 1/2 for Matinee

    and ****1/2 for MANT!

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  • Support the Girls

    Support the Girls


    More movies where sexism is depicted as a pervasive atmospheric discomfort, instead of One Clearly Defined Issue/Person.

    More movies about groups of women supporting each other, professionally and emotionally.

    More movies with complex black women as the protagonists.

    More movies where the local hangout is better than the soulless corporate tentacle in some respects but it's still not great, because the boss is still a boss.

    More movies with butch women who don't exist as a joke or a threat to feminine women.

    More screaming.

  • November



    A rich world of magic eloquently conveyed through costume and makeup, masterful visual storytelling, and a dash of fantastic puppetry. I did not want this movie to end, ever, and I want a million more like it.