Twin Peaks: The Return ★★★★★


“Is it future... or is it past?”

While I’m unsure of what to classify David Lynch’s denial of nostalgia that has been titled Twin Peaks: The Return - a film or a show, that is - I am sure of one thing; this is not Twin Peaks. Sure, there are scenes that take place in the fictional town, yet the camera also flows between places both real and supernatural like New York and South Carolina and the ethereal Black Lodge that seems to have aged just as well as everything else in this world. The Twin Peaks from 25 years ago was campy and often poked fun at genres such as mystery and comedy; this is something else. The boundary between the screen and the viewer is demolished by Lynch and Frost, who show us some of the most beautifully deranged horror that art in general has ever seen. Characters walk in and out of the frame, but there is no limit to what the viewer sees in terms of visual grandeur and narrative complexity, especially not the corners of a screen. The callbacks to a time out of our reach are never milked for their nostalgic purposes, which instead are treated as if the show never left us. I genuinely think David Lynch is one of the most maniacally unhinged directors of all time; the cast must’ve thought he was insane with some of the stuff that happens. A blood-curdling masterwork. Definitely the grandest season of Twin Peaks. How Lynch/Frost could even come close to reaching this level of insanity for whatever they might have planned next is beyond me.


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