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  • In the Mood for Love
  • Harakiri
  • Princess Mononoke
  • Woman in the Dunes

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  • Halloweentown

  • To Be or Not to Be


  • Possibly in Michigan


  • A Bug's Life


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  • Halloweentown



    Spooky Halloween Pupper

  • To Be or Not to Be

    To Be or Not to Be


    There’s a joke in here where Colonel Ehrhardt signs so many execution orders that he doesn’t even know who he’s killing. It’s a funny bit of satire but it also reminds me of the Spanish fascists during the civil war. I remember an account from one of the Fascists in charge of liquidating conquered areas saying the exact same thing. It’s such an absurd notion to wrap your head around. Ordering so many deaths that it becomes not much more…

Popular reviews

  • Fear Street: 1994

    Fear Street: 1994


    I HATED Deena. 

    Haaaaated her. 

    One of the most annoying characters I’ve ever seen in film history. Cringey, always playing victim, had no reason to hate Sam, every line of dialogue she uttered was annoying, and she was just an overall shitty person. Sam was entirely right to leave her. God she’s awful. 

    The movie was fun though. Would definitely watch the other two in the trilogy. It was silly in all the good ways. Didn’t take itself too seriously. Despite, creating the most annoying character in history the movie is pretty fun. It’s also pretty funny.

  • Possibly in Michigan

    Possibly in Michigan


    Instills all the unsettling creepiness it’s subject matter calls for. Best lesbian cannibal film I’ve ever seen tbh.