Sautet's Polyphony

“In Sautet’s world, amid the café meals and quick drinks, and the hearty Sunday lunches in the country, the spectre of failure, joblessness, and a loss of meaning are always banging at the door. Love and something to believe in are slipping out beneath it. It is a world evoked in rich particularity, pure in its inventive multiplicity of means and manners, a whole richly conceived, a humanity fully felt.” – A. Jay Adler, Claude Sautet: Purity and Invention

Supreme masterpieces: Cesar and Rosalie; Une histoire simple; Mado; Vincent, François, Paul... et les autres; Garçon!; Nelly et Monsieur Arnaud

Iconic pulp: Classe tous risques, L'Arme à gauche

Other: Max et les ferrailleurs and Un mauvais fils are both terrific; Les Choses de la vie is strained seriousness but certainly impressive. Quelques jours avec moi and Un cœur en hiver need another look but they're far from bad.