Otie has written 4 reviews for films during 2016.

  • Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train

    Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train


    As a camera whirled about a subway station, crashing into its subjects–time against space uncontrollable–the sound of Tracy Thorn singing "Better Things" contra uncorrelated voiceover destroyed me, and I turned it off as quickly as it came on. You're so beautiful, it hurts to look at you, I thought, like Angela Chase.

    But day destroys night, night divides the day, and finally, years later, I watched this, the prickly twin to Guiguet's Les passagers, all the way through to the…

  • Everybody Wants Some!!

    Everybody Wants Some!!


    Taking its name from a song by a band one character disses, Everybody Wants Some!! is a joyfully slight anthropological study of the early '80s bro that doesn't correct vintage frat party comedies so much as zoom in on a relentlessly posi alternate universe version of one.

    A spiritual sequel to Dazed and Confused (Animal House to D&C's American Graffiti), Everybody Wants Some!! picks up where Boyhood left off, on college move-in day, the first day of school to Dazed's…

  • Slacker



    One of the all-time great films about bullshit.

  • The Candidate

    The Candidate


    Director Ritchie and cinematographer Victor Kemper ape the look of direct cinema in service to a narrative about as dramatically compelling as the one at the heart of Medium Cool; but without that film's risk-taking hybrid of documentary and fiction, viewers are left with nothing more interesting to think about than Redford's immaculate sideburns.

    Ritchie and screenwriter Jeremy Larner wrote the film based on personal experience and real-life events but structured it around a visual style that purports to show…