The Love Nest

The Love Nest ★★★

Film School Drop Outs Weekly challenge: Week 2
Genre - Comedy - Silent Comedy Icons

Buster swears off women, takes to sea in a tiny boat and ends up on a whaler named the Love Nest. Once there he constantly earns the ire of Big Joe Roberts and resigns himself to being thrown over board.

Rather a disconnected set of situations that aren't really satisfyingly turned into anything greater than the sum of their parts. Those parts are funny, I liked the wreaths, ladder and the rope gags, I liked Buster playing against Roberts. i even liked the stock footage but it's not one that I'm likely to return to and it doesn't ever really take that step into magic.

The youtube stream of it that I saw might be partially responsible as it loses a fair amount of detail but I'm not really sure how they would weld this one together.