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  • Sometimes They Come Back

    Sometimes They Come Back


    It's kind of funny how many elements this Stephen King adaptation has in common with STAND BY ME while still being about a teacher bullied by zombie hot rodders who were run over by a train after stabbing his little brother to death and have returned from the grave decades later to enroll in his class and commit a series of murders passed off as suicides.

    My main complaint is that the bullies keep doing a high-pitched cackle to show what jerks they are and it's just not something I want to hear over and over again.


  • Tom Clancy's Without Remorse

    Tom Clancy's Without Remorse


    I'm not a Tom Clancy guy at all, but I dug TOM CLANCY is WITHOUT REMORSE because it's like a '90s studio action thriller done in the style of SICARIO 2. Some outstanding sequences and another dedicated performance by Michael B. Jordan.


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  • Jiu Jitsu

    Jiu Jitsu


    Chintzy special effects and comic book transitions cannot kill the many joys of this movie about an order of martial artists trained to challenge a mean alien who comes to earth for a fight every six years. Nicolas Cage is great as the wacky headband-wearing sensei who has a cool pad in an underground cave in the jungle, but he's only one part of a great cast. I enjoyed Alain Moussi in the KICKBOXER movies, and here he's on a…

  • Nobody



    I'm reserving 5 stars for strategic purposes, but this is a perfect movie of its type, and it's a type I love. It's a beautifully constructed telling of a really involving, hilarious story, with a superb lead performance by Bob Odenkirk even if we were to ignore the way more important fact that he actually trained up with 87Eleven to perform a bunch of A+ super-violent action scenes.

    If you object to the guys who made JOHN WICK making another…