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  • Flashes rouges

    Flashes rouges

    As much as I love 'em, listening to les Rita Mitsouko in '21 makes me feel weirdly dissociated. Teenage me had such an absurd anti-francophone stance that I couldn't admit to myself that Marcia Baïla (not enough hours in the day to unpack that music video) was my one of my favorite song. To be clear, I'm francophone... and, like, I mean that was me and I don't get it.

    Watching Flashes rouges, which marks the beginning of Catherine Ringer's…

  • The Haunted High

    The Haunted High

    Konaka's "lost" Alice variation. Before Lain, before Cyberland and even before Alice6, you had Alice, Juri and Reika hanging out in Haunted High. There's a couple of seemingly completely unavailable works by Chiaki J. Konaka but this is the holy grail for me. Kind of frustrating that every other episode of the School Kwaidan (including 2 other Konaka-penned episodes and Kiyoshi Kurosawa's 1st go at Hanako-san) seems to have been released on VHS but not this one. At least the…

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  • Door 3

    Door 3

    Miyako taking the time to get a sip of her beer while hiding from the parasite-infected zombies outside her apartment is one of the most human touch I've ever seen in a horror movie.
    I love how cold and hostile the office spaces are ; they look about as inhabitable as the surface of the fucking moon.
    Could have used less of the schlock-horror side of things considering it's a bit at odds with the vibe, but the…

  • Report on Latent Narcotic Substances in the Brain: Drugless

    Report on Latent Narcotic Substances in the Brain: Drugless


    Psychedelic Vision: Jaganrei.
    I've wasted a lot of time on the Japanese web looking for Chiaki J. Konaka movies and I somehow only just discovered that he made another (horror?) mockumentary after Psychic Vision. And apparently that film is part of the same "series" (just two films as far as I can tell) as Izo Hashimoto's would-be Guinea Pigs entry Lucky Sky Diamond (1990).
    ... and it's been on nicovideo for 4 years.

    Drugless is about a documentary crew looking…