Tenet ★★★★


“Finally, back in the cinema. I hope nothing happens to my sensitive ears—“ BWWHAAAAAAAAMMM!

I’ve never seen a Nolan film in the cinema before. We’re they all this loud? Not a complaint, just not sure if the problem is that our ears are no longer accustomed to ground-shaking bass, maybe it was always this way.
This movie has the same problem for me as Inception; I liked the characters, but I didn’t care for them. Fortunately, the emotional stakes in this were much lower, allowing me to focus on the big-boy action!
When I heard the main guy was called “the Protagonist”, it was worrying. Thankfully, instead of a blank Everyman, they made him the coolest secret agent yet, most of the time. Scenes where he was being sarcastic and punching people with extreme meaty impacts were great.
Is Robert Pattinson British? John, you’re the expert. Let me know in the comments.
Some great Time/Travel moments, wish there was one or two more. I was briefly confused for a period in the middle, but I choose to blame the movie for that. I am very clever(?) I mean, I’ve seen Otherworld (2018), I know things. 

Tenet felt like it was six hours long, which leads me to believe that I may have been time-travelled at some point in this supposedly 2 and a half hour film. 
Read this review backwards for a surprise.

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