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  • Big



    Tom Hanks gives one of the best comic performances ever, but I was too distracted laughing at the idea of a boy becoming VP for a toy company that my mind started thinking about Todd Chavez and his sex machine going to the top of the company of whattimeisitrightnow.dot in the BH universe, and anything that reminds me of Bojack Horseman is top-notch.

    Also, yeah, is pretty awkward that Joshua's mom thinks he has been kidnapped by a weirdo for…

  • Win It All

    Win It All


    This is a pleasant version of Uncut Gems witout the bite, the tension and everything that makes it cool, but it was nice and never outstayed its welcome; the problem is the opposite: just when it starts to get rolling... it just ends. Swanberg's performance deserved better. Also, as a mexican I'm used to seeing Aislinn Derbez in mediocre roles and this was exactly like every single one of them, just in English.

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  • Zodiac



    What a great film. It may actually be my favorite serial killer film at first watch. That would mean I like this more than I like Seven, and I don't think that is a hyperbole. Because Zodiac is thrilling and suspenful from the moment Hurdy Gurdy Man plays in the opening scene right until it plays again in the closing credits, aided by the perfect direction and pace from David Fincher, and incredible performances leaded by Jake Gyllenhaal (he acted…

  • Rush



    I have always been strict with 5 stars ratings only giving one to those films I really consider masterpieces. Yet I will acknowledge Rush is not a masterpiece per se, but it was such an incredible experience I don't even care.

    My heart, for two hours was either completely nuts and going like a G6 or not moving at all. Because I felt inside the film. There were some wonderful technics with the camera and the sound effects, resulting in…