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  • Lore



    Images of friends and landscapes are cut, fragmented, and reassembled on an overhead projector as hands guide their shape and construction in this film stemming from Hollis Frampton’s “Nostalgia”. The voice tells a story about a not too distant past, a not too distant ruin, with traces of nostalgia articulated in terms of lore; knowledge and memory passed down and shared not from wistful loss, but as a pastiche of rumination, reproduction, and creation.


  • When You're Lost in the Rain

    When You're Lost in the Rain


    ideolo "piąstkowanie" - niepotrzebne...


    In this video, drawing from Bob Dylan's song "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues," layers of experiences circling loss and longing are overlaid between images of landscapes and movement. In the song by Dylan, a stranger's listlessness and exhaustion are woven through and around Juarez, Mexico, and so too in this video are these stories woven around colonial discontent and uncertainty as they move through an uneasy negotiation with the strangeness of the American pioneer spirit.


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  • Accattone



    komuniści, złodzieje, sutenery - wzruszające braterstwo w łajdactwie, próba poprawy potrzebna lecz ryzykowna...

    It was Pasolini's --1st-- first film as director, employing what would later be seen as trademark Pasolini characteristics; a cast of non-professional actors hailing from where the movie is set, and thematic emphasis on impoverished individuals.

    This was Bernardo Bertolucci's --1st-- first work in movies. He was an assistant director.

    Accattone is a story of pimps, prostitutes and thieves, types also represented in his novels. The life…

  • Red Dragon

    Red Dragon


    psychological horror film based on the 1981 novel by Thomas Harris;

    the --prequel-- to "The Silence of the Lambs" (1991);
    In 1980, FBI agent Will Graham visits forensic psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter to discuss a case. Graham has been working with Lecter on a psychological profile of a serial killer who removes edible body parts from his victims; Graham says he has realized the killer is a cannibal. Realizing Graham is close to discovering he is the killer, Lecter stabs…