• Titane



    I had no business whatsoever going to see this movie but I don't regret it. Beyond just simply not being able to stomach some (read: all) of the violence in this film, not all of it worked for me. The first half is incredibly violent and feels meandering at points. The film asks us to suspend quite a bit of disbelief but even then, I'm not sure it all follows much of an internal logic. Maybe it's not supposed to?…

  • Music Box

    Music Box


    It's pretty obvious from the get go that there will be a twist and what it will be and so for me a lot of this movie was just waiting for how it would be revealed and that ultimately made a lot of a bit anti-climactic. The courtroom scenes are solid but nothing to write home about. Both the central performances were great though and still made it a pretty decent watch.

  • Best in Show

    Best in Show


    "That's a BEAR in a bee costume"

    Some incredible bits here and as always the cast is incredible. I would pledge my life for Jennifer Coolidge!!!

  • Clear and Present Danger

    Clear and Present Danger


    Too much rah rah America for me to truly enjoy and I learned a lesson about never reading the "personal life" section of someone whose books have the American flag on them. But parts of this are fun and even though some of the action is so dumb and Jack Ryan is so dumb, you can't help but occasionally have a good time.

  • Looking: The Movie

    Looking: The Movie


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Patrick and Richie otp

  • To Sir, with Love

    To Sir, with Love


    Overly simple, paint-by-numbers script with some cringily outdated lessons being imparted on the rag tag students but boy oh boy Sidney Poitier just oozes charm in a way that makes you forget quite a few of the film's flaws so long as he's on the screen.

  • The Elementary School

    The Elementary School


    Several legendary Czech actors and other people involved but this does not add up to much. Really confusing where this film stands on the teacher character and what any of it should mean to us. Disappointing!

  • Patriot Games

    Patriot Games


    *Harrison Ford zooming in on a female character in a grainy surveillance video* "Tits."

    Not as good as Hunt For Red October and by the sounds of it not as good as Clear And Present Danger either. I'm happy that I still have something to look forward to because this kinda left me cold. Even bracketing the "ra ra America"-ness that this series has, the plot here is just...not all that exciting. The inner workings of the Irish Republicans here…

  • School of Rock

    School of Rock


    Lovely post White Lotus palette cleanser.

  • The Green Knight

    The Green Knight


    My first movie back in the cinema I can't believe it's been so long and I had such a good time even if this was mainly ~vibes~ and cool costumes. Dev is so great tho (and very hot in old age make up??? get this man a salt and pepper beard STAT) and of course we love a certain kiss and a cute fox. Not sure what I'm meant to be taking away here and understood about 50% of what…

  • Zola



    I had a blast watching this movie even though so much is so disturbing. Having read the thread way back when, I am glad they brought on Janicza Bravo (and Jeremy O. Harris) because this could easily have been a terrible movie. I think nothing will ever be as exciting and wild as the original thread but hey, that's not anyone's fault. Would have loved an actual ending but loved the strong performances throughout (with the exception of Nicholas Braun, whose performance I did not buy for a second), particularly Riley Keough who, since American Honey, continues to terrify me.

  • Rushmore



    “She’s my Rushmore.”
    “I know. She was mine, too.”