Tenet ★★½

Before watching Tenet I wandered if it will be able to pull off its time reversing premise well and to my surprise, considering its mixed reception, it does. Action scenes are legitimately some of the most original set pieces in cinema. There is a lot of thought put into how reversing time plays into the movie and Nolan's obsession with time culminates here with complicated set pieces to which are rewarding to watch. This make me wish that Tenet was more like Hard Boiled, where everything works in favour of John Woo's crazy shootouts. Problem with Tenet is nothing around the action is compelling in any way.

Obvious problem is Tenet endless exposition. This isn't the first time Nolan's films have perhaps too much exposition, Inception and Interstellar suffered to an extent too, however what separates them and Tenet is magnitude. It feels like half of the movie is completely uninteresting explanatory dialogue. Constantly Nolan has a need to explain both his concept, which to be fair needs some exposition, but also the plot of the movie and character motivation.

If characters were interesting or in any way engaging, Nolan's exposition problems would be forgivable. Sadly, they are a complete non-entities. Tenet wants me to care about them about them, but it never gives me a reason to. Motivations of every character are explained but never feel earned. Almost all lines, be it serious conversations, jokes or emotional moments, are delivered in same monotone stature, which makes me wander if characters are human or robots in disguise. Shallow characterization makes any interaction outside of action completely dull. Shame that it is such a big part of the movie.

Ultimately I'm mixed on Tenet. On one hand, it has some of the most inspired action in recent years, which utilizes its premise well. On the other, script with too much exposition and too little characters makes everything outside of action feel extremely dull.

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