The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★★

3rd or 4th watch? Cements itself as one of my all time favourites. Never fails to lose my gaze. I finally appreciated practically all the comedy. I think since my last watch - March/April 2020 - my appreciation for more stylised comedy has risen significantly (note my overjoyed reaction to a rewatch of Lanthimos’ The Favourite). I’m all for it. Fiennes is a delight from the first frame til the last. And, I must say, I’ve always thought that Hans Zimmer got snubbed for his work on Interstellar. This latest rewatch confirms the exact opposite: Alexandre Desplat’s OST is positively wacky, brilliant and charming in every conceivable way. He deserved all the acclaim he got for it. Wes, I love you. This film is so beautiful.

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