WALL·E ★★★★★

What is the secret to Pixar's success? Everyone hails them as one of the finest film studios to ever exist, they appeal to both adult and child, and are beloved around the world. This can be attributed to the simple and essential fact that they understand their purpose as artists. They are here to tell stories, to incite wonder and contemplation...to provide a vehicle for both children and adult's imaginations to soar. Stories that are clear, simple and perfectly functional, knowingly told to provide the necessary information to audiences at the perfect part. Why is EVE's appearance so significant? Why is Wall.E so intoxicated by her? Their's no infuriating ambiguity, no coyly held answers. Rather, they provide a perfectly crafted thirty minute prologue of sorts (and I mean fucking perfect) that artfully conveys Wall.E's loneliness. Stillness, longing and quiet beauty. Stanton's ability to tell an engaging story through mostly visuals is uncanny, a wonderful showcase of what animation can accomplish when wielded by true artists. The events that follow are often scrutinized for their less...elegant approach to concluding Wall.E's tale, but I fail to see their shortcoming. It firmly cements this romance within a science fiction subtext, rendering Wall.E three things. A profound reflection on our past. A timely tale of our times. An eerily recognizable vision of our future. Wall.E is Pixar's greatest accomplishment, thriving both as a fascinating science fiction triple threat and a timeless romance that puts so many others to shame. It's homage to silent films of old is just as satisfying as it's innovative vision of the future. A masterwork.

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