Dorfman in Love ★★★

I enjoyed Dorfman in Love. I chose to stream it on Netflix because it is a woman written script directed by a man filmmaker. I’m working on improving my balance in that area. So I’m taking chances on films that will help me out in that regard. Rom com. I like rom coms, although the form’s been suffering of late. This film breaks no new ground, but I enjoyed the experience. I really liked the lead and the man who plays her eventual romantic interest. I enjoyed Elliott Gould, who plays the recently widowed dad also trying to find his way in life. Glad I watched.

Director: Brad Leong
Writer: Wendy Kout
Cinematographer: Rachel Morrison
Editor: Daniel T. Cahn

You probably had a chance to appreciate Rachel Morrison’s cinematography in Ryan Coogler’s new film Fruitvale Station. I definitely appreciated what she brought to that project.

Day 177 of A Yearlong Film Viewing Balancing Act.