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  • Beyond Mombasa

    Beyond Mombasa

    This started off promising with it's catchy title music, a great setup and a cast that worked well off each other. But the film never lives up to it's promise in the end. If they had left out the ridiculous Lepoard Man plot, this would have been a decent adventure film. What we got instead was a waste of time in this weird, dare I say almost campy, boring mess of a film. Yikes!

  • The Big Combo

    The Big Combo


    "I'm gonna give you a break. I'm gonna fix it, so you don't hear the bullets." ~ Mr. Brown

    Tense, dark and shady, this film noir doesn't let the tension drop for a moment. The cinematography is great with it's use of dark lighting, shadows and mist to create the mood of the film. It's not an easy watch at times, especially in the tense torture scene which I watched the whole time with my stomach in knots. The cast…

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  • Backlash



    With a great cast, an intriguing mystery, talented direction by John Sturges and written for the screen by experienced noir writer Borden Chase, all contribute to making this a fine western. It's hard to miss the noirish undertones in this psychological western with it's love/hate romance giving of Gilda vibes and a protagonist with father issues. Lead by Richard Widmark and Donna Reed, who made a great team together with their steamy and playful chemistry. Just loved seeing how badass…

  • Jivaro



    Rio Galdez (Fernando Lamas) runs a remote trading post in Brazil, where an assortment of outcasts live, work and drink. Amongst them is Jerry Russell (Richard Denning), an engineer in another life who has turned to the bottle as his dreams of finding the Jivaro headhunter's treasure never comes to fruition. Things get complicated when Jerry's fiance from America Alice (Rhonda Flemming) arrives in Brazil to see Jerry and his (non-existent) plantation. Rio not having the heart to tell Alice…