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cooking enthusiast & movie nerd. I swear I do have a life besides watching movies.

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  • Brief Encounter
  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire
  • In a Lonely Place
  • Lady Bird

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  • Long Day's Journey Into Night

    Long Day's Journey Into Night


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This is long and rambly, but I'm trying to get all my thoughts down about this remarkable film. LONG DAY'S definitely provokes much thought and discussion and I will recommend it to my arthouse inclined friends (all five of them, which I guess is more than most have). Having now seen it a second time, I consider it one of my favorite films. But I don't think I'd want to see it again for a few years.

    When I watched…

  • Ad Astra

    Ad Astra


    There are some movies where, after the first time I saw it, liked it but had major quibbles. Then it simmered in my mind for a couple days, then thought that maybe I love this film. So of course I have to see it again and then after second viewing it becomes an unqualified favorite.

    Ad Astra is one of those. I have come to accept the voiceover and understand its place in the narrative, though I still think it…

Recent reviews

  • The Card Counter

    The Card Counter


    Inspired by the scene where Oscar Isaac describes his most memorable poker hand, a few months ago was playing poker over Zoom and these were the cards on the table:

    6 9 6 9 6

    Full house for everyone still in, very nice indeed. I don't even remember if someone was able to beat that with a four of a kind or higher full house.

    About halfway through this movie, the poker games become impossible to follow because the…

  • Taste of Cherry

    Taste of Cherry


    Visually arresting but I found the minimalist form to be too distancing. The structure gets a bit repetitive, and I found Kiarostami's filmmaking to be removed to a fault. I know there's something deeper at work, something profound perhaps, but I'm not fully receiving that message. Without an emotional connection to the characters it's hard to engage with the themes on an emotional level. Homayoun Ershadi's performance, as the driver seeking someone to bury his body, is phenomenal in its…

Popular reviews

  • 1917



    The cinematography and sound design are going to get a lot of attention but this film also has the best production design I've seen all year. Each set is so distinct that every scene feels discrete, even though the "one shot" style means that the only scene transition possible is the camera walking into another set.

    The final scene is powerful, and clearly states the film's thesis of the dehumanizing nature of war. Without spoilers, I'll say that an actor…

  • The Apartment

    The Apartment


    The most heart breaking "comedy" out there. Every character is so fundamentally lonely, even the chauvinist Sheldrake. Fran Kubelik is a proto-sadgirl.

    (the airplane version was cropped to 1.78:1, but I've seen this already in the original scope aspect ratio. Actually sort of instructive - at the time shots were framed to work in several different aspect ratios)