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  • The Name of the Rose

    The Name of the Rose


    Super entertaining—watch it for the insane barrage of inbred monk faces, and you will be happy

  • Winged Migration

    Winged Migration


    amazing—and surprising. this isn't your average "planet earth" foray into bird life. it builds narrative seamlessly, and the camera flies at a birds' clip, making you feel like you're tagging along in a kind of road movie. hard to explain. just incredible.

    EDIT: found this on the wiki, very interesting...

    Much of the aerial footage was taken of "tame" birds. The filmmakers raised birds of several species, including storks and pelicans, from birth. The newborn birds imprinted on staff members,…

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  • On the Silver Globe

    On the Silver Globe


    Ahh this is such a messy insane masterpiece. Was reminded of this movie by some friends and drank the kool aid again. Unfinished due to polish cultural-ministerial concerns (what?) this movie jumps the narrative gaps with narration, and I actually think it makes the movie better. How else could this movie exist except as a nearly finished but imperfect mess, scars and all? I love the discontinuity and the thrill of haphazard connections. Besides looking like an amebix lyric and…

  • Sorcerer



    Stressful and intense—I have a deep admiration for whoever worked on the cars for this movie. They’re like giant, hulking military scarabs held together by jungle twine. I think they were the only appropriate place in the movie to have written the title, “sorcerer.” Great tangerine dream score. Roy Scheider has a shoveled face. The movie was most engrossing when the characters engaged things with their hands—all the oil, and mud and splintered wood gave me a tactile impression of…