The Legend of Tarzan

The Legend of Tarzan ★★★★

"The evil spirit or the ghost in the trees"

Ok, so I watched The Legend of Tarzan, played by True Blood's Alexander Skarsgård and the hot Margot Robbie. I obviously did not read the reviews on letterboxd to give myself a clear and personal view on the movie. As I am not a movie critic nor so much keen with details, it gave me a different impression with most of the reviews I have seen on letterboxd. So here is the film junkie in me enjoying The Legend of Tarzan in every bit.

To start with the film has beautiful visuals and decent 3-D, I did not see the usual and horrible CG effects that I have seen on London has Fallen. I could not have imagined Congo more beautiful that this film has shown.

Second Margot Robbie is so hot. Although I did not like Samuel Jackson's hairstyle in this film but I guess this was how they did the hair in this time's genre?

I would have hoped for a fiercer expression on Alexander Skarsgård looks on his face especially after loosing his friend the tribe chief and his Jane. I think Alexander's acting did not cut out and gave Tarzan's character justice. He had a dull impression all along. There were few moments where he did good but still did not cut out as far as I can see.

The story. Since I was a kid I have seen few Tarzan movies. I have to see I was quite familiar of his story from the animated Disney films to the movies. So I was hoping to see something different not the same re-telling of how Tarzan (who speaks apes) meet Jane. I can say David Yates, with writers Craig Brewer and Adam Cozad, may have brought something new to me. And this is the part I enjoyed. There were a few scenes which were like glimpses on how he came to be Tarzan. It may have been the same damsel and distress act but David Yates added more meaning and more sense to the story. He anchored the film onto history like King Leopold II of Belgium who has been known to have founded and exploited the Congo free state.

To sum it up I still enjoyed the whole film. And I would still give it four stars.