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  • Bratz the Video: Starrin' & Stylin'

    Bratz the Video: Starrin' & Stylin'


    there’s something deeply unsettling about this movie; maybe it’s the lack of noses, perhaps the malicious nature of each individual character or the 10 different half plots that don’t seem to add up to anything. this is revolutionary film-making: it breaks the unspoken laws set in place by cinema: a run time of less than an hour, genre-defying with no real care for what’s truly happening in the story. at its core, i’d argue this movie is a psychological thriller.…

  • Tenet



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    i didn’t love it, i didn’t hate it, but it does make me so incredibly happy that tamwar from eastenders is in a christopher nolan film.
    i also enjoyed experiencing a method of time travel (the whole backwards and forwards without any skipping) i’ve never seen in any film i’ve watched before because it spoke to my inner doctor who, science obsessed child who spent way too long loving anything time travel related.
    definitely not my favourite christopher nolan film. many additional points for robby p