Still Life (Betamale)

Still Life (Betamale) ★★★★

I do feel like it doesn't quite handle its subjects with enough decency/respect, but I don't think it's bullying like some of the negative reviews here do. though maybe a big part of that is just because I don't have the same instinctive cringe/rejection response to furries, including yiff, that most people seem to (even if it instantly turns me off as a fetish) so the air of "degeneracy" this can be perceived to be perceiving in its subjects isn't what I perceived. rather than bullying in nature, I would say it's just cold and detached, which can arguably be seen as a negative in its own right by lending itself to more unempathetic and cruel-minded viewers who want to point and laugh at "cringe" "autists" online, but to me it reflects the collective psyche this film is trying to capture of a post-Videodrome community desensitized to violence and sex through the screen but with no meaningful emotional anchors outside of it.

still an incredible audiovisual experience that forces you to question our relationship with the internet. in that sense—and I say this as decisively not an authority on exploitation cinema (man I haven't even seen Saló)—this seems to operates under the same rhetoric as good exploitation cinema, presenting exaggerated portraits of dubious accuracy to violently shock the audience into reassessing their relationship with X (being here the internet, specifically desensitization and isolation).

I do think this film does deserve the hate it gets about as much as it deserves its love tho

sewerslvt fits perfectly afterwards, better than OPN even

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