Cruella ★★★★★

i have watched the trailer for this an UNHEALTHY AMOUNT OF TIMES. not only is it one of the few disney movies ever to be rated PG13 (meaning they didn’t hold back) but also it’s FUCKING EMMA STONE!

part of me wishes this was rated R because 1. how badass would that be of disney and 2. they would have full reign to tell a sickeningly evil and fantastic story; but i guess disney has a reputation to uphold. maybe i’ll make it my personal mission as an aspiring screenwriter to write the first R-rated disney film.

i mean call me crazy but it makes sense to move into that. obviously disney will still create the majority of their films targeted towards children of the current generation, but my generation and the generation before mine grew up on disney, and now we’re getting older and maybe disney could sorta grow up with it’s original audience and start creating those films for older viewers without worrying about ratings. i might be tripping but i feel like it makes sense???

anyways thanks for reading. point is i’m excited ASF for this movie like literally i need it right now.