Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★★

One of my most anticipated movies of 2020, and hot shit it did not disappoint (and before anyone says anything, I saw this at the drive-in because I NEEDED to see this). Oh my god I'm so overwhelmed because it's just so incredible in every way. Carey Mulligan for best actress, WITHOUT QUESTION. Oh my lord she is so good. She's simultaneously sweet and genuine while also being tantalizingly scary and deeply sad ALL AT THE SAME TIME IT'S JUST NEXT LEVEL SHIT. And all the supporting roles are great, there are SO MANY famous people in this. Bo Burnham is perfect for the romantic lead, Hollywood needs to take notes and do it more. Emerald Fennell's direction is so confident, lively, and purposeful, it's insane that this is a debut feature. The writing is so bold and provocative, I couldn't help but fall in love. The best use of 'Angel In the Morning' ever? Jesus, that last third. I need to watch this again as soon as possible. The cinematography is so gorgeous, purposeful, and colorful. An absolute phenomenal film. Filmmaking at its crispest, angriest, and most impactful. This is mandatory viewing for everyone. Find a way to watch and support this safely because it's worth it. Give this your money. Men are trash.

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