The Terror of Tiny Town

The Terror of Tiny Town ★½

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The Terror Of Tiny Town (1938) is a musical western starring "Jed Buell's Midgets". According to IMDB, the idea for the picture came about when producer Jed Buell overheard an employee of his production company, Spectrum Pictures, bemoaning the state of the film business and remarking that "if this economy doesn't turn around, we'll have to start making pictures with midgets". Buell loved the idea and put in motion what eventually became this film.
The film starts off with a weird introduction with The Hero and The Villain boasting who will come out the "bigger" star after the movie is shown. The film does have a couple of good comedic moments but overall one feels guilty about having any enjoyment out of such an exploitive film.
It is interesting to see, through film, how much society has changed.