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  • Krull



    Viewed on DVD

    So as it turns out, on May The 4th which is now Star Wars day, I guess, I watched Krull (1983) a film thats been called a Star Wars ripoff.

    Well that's a bit of a head scratcher.

    It does take place in "space" on a different planet abide it does two suns, but Krull (1983) is essentially an Adventure/Fantasy film like Willow (1988) and Dragonslayer (1981) but with more laser beams.

    Had I'd known more about…

  • Splendor in the Grass

    Splendor in the Grass


    Viewed on TCM Special Presentation

    According to IMDB: Right before shooting was set to begin, Pat Hingle suffered devastating injuries when he accidentally fell 54 feet down an elevator shaft in his apartment building. It would take Hingle over a year to fully recover from the accident. In the meantime, however, he decided to go ahead and do the film - he would simply incorporate his limp into the character. "I broke everything," Hingle said later. "I landed upright, so…

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  • Boxcar Bertha

    Boxcar Bertha


    Viewed on DVD

    Marty's first exploitation film is also his last.
    According to IMDB: After he finished this film, Martin Scorsese screened the film for John Cassavetes. Cassavetes, after seeing this film, hugged Scorsese and said, "Marty, you've just spent a whole year of your life making a piece of shit. It's a good picture, but you're better than the people who make this kind of movie. Don't get hooked into the exploitation market, just try and do something different."…

  • Song of the South

    Song of the South


    Viewed on YouTube

    I think Disney is making a terrible mistake by trying to virtually erase Song Of The South from existence.
    Is it racially insensitive? Of course it is.
    It's a film from the forties that takes place during the Civil War in Georgia.
    Disney is trying to sweep this one under the rug and try to maintain a squeaky clean image. This is an impossible task.
    If Disney wants to be politically correct they need to get rid of their entire catalogue. In fact, they should just stop making movies all together.