• Terminal USA

    Terminal USA


  • Ghosts Can't Do It

    Ghosts Can't Do It

    Unpredictable, unintelligible, and completely unhinged. feels like a genuinely good example of the idea that if nothing works, everything works.

  • Love Is a Gun

    Love Is a Gun

    Positively Lynchian

  • Betrayed


    Waffles so abruptly between horrifyingly relevant commentary and full melodrama that it’s hard to say whether this works as a whole, but it’s definitely intense and has some ace performances (John Mahoney!!!). Couldn’t stop thinking about how much more bonkers (and problematic) this bizarre Eszterhas script would be with Verhoevens direction.

  • Fargo


    25th Anniversary Screening / first time in theaters in well over a year. Darn tootin’!

  • The Fan

    The Fan

    “Dearest bitch, see how accessible you are? How would you like to be fucked with a meat cleaver?“

  • Color of Night

    Color of Night

    Director’s cut

    The length (140 minutes) and sheer absurdity may have lulled me into some kind of hypnotic state, but I REALLY dug this. Every single thing is confidently cranked up past ten, especially Rubén Blades.

  • Sliver


    The locations/sets/soundtrack are good, but all other aspects of this movie - specifically the dialogue and Billy Baldwin - are so violently unsexy and silly that it almost feels like a parody. Still kind of rules?

  • Hollow Man

    Hollow Man

    It’s the Verhoeven slasher we need, but it’s not the Verhoeven slasher we deserve.

  • Striptease


    This must be what people who don’t like Showgirls see when they watch Showgirls. I truly believe an unhinged Eszterhas AI wrote this. “Chesty La France.” Soooo much Annie Lennox.

  • Possession


    This is the only movie I’ve ever seen.

  • Saw


    Extended Version

    Forgot this is so heavy on se7en-like procedural and so light on gore (in a good way). Cary Elwes looks like an absolute ghoul. Every aspect of this is aggressively 2004. Jigsaw makes miniatures in an old mannequin factory. It’s alright!