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  • Still the Water
  • House of Hummingbird
  • Lost in Translation
  • Helter Skelter

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Recent reviews

  • My Mister

    My Mister


    My Mister is able to successfully speak on universal themes of brotherhood, friendship, perseverance, altruism, responsibility, forgiveness, acceptance and detachment. The stellar supporting cast makes a frank exploration of these themes not only possible but profound and moving, contributing to the already rich narrative. As well as adhering to strict building codes, these friends and family are similar to pillars that are reinforced in good times and bad.
    The most powerful sense of bond between two people, of course, belongs…

  • Snowball



    <최선의 삶> 기대를 너무 많이 했나... 이우정 감독 현장경험이 많아서 그런지 연출의 기본기는 나쁘지 않은데, 뭐랄까, 목적성이 와닿지 않는 느낌. 각각의 씬들은 괜찮은데 묶어놓으면 맥이 풀린달까. 이런 류의 성장영화가 답습하는 게으른 폭력씬을 요리조리 피하다가 맹물이 된 탓도 있다.

    편집이 잘못된 건지, 일부러 자른 건지 모르겠지만, 강이와 소영의 싸움씬이 없어서 후반부는 전혀 몰입이 안 됐다. 폭력을 경계하는 태도는 알겠지만, 클라이맥스로 가는 유일한 징검다리를 불태우면 어떡해... 그리고 심달기에게 더이상 이런 역할 안 맡기면 좋겠다. 재능이 아까워.

    유일한 미덕은 세 배우인데, 한성민은 올해의…

Popular reviews

  • An Elephant Sitting Still

    An Elephant Sitting Still


    • Sublime and pessimistic like few others. A four-hour suicide note. Bo Hu's will. The writer and director captures in images the future of four characters lost in a world condemned to the most absolute of miseries. The boredom, the impossibility of redemption or of finding a minimum of hope is shown by Bo Hu in a direct and above all heartbreaking way. 'An elephant sitting still' ('Da xiang xi di zuo') is not condescending to the viewer, nor in…

  • The Father

    The Father


    • The repeated conversations, the game of looking at the characters and the introduction of the story of Anthony's daughter make the plot something totally unexpected and innovative. Zeller manages to keep the audience apprehensive with the shock moments of the main character, while thrilling with the subtleties of the script written by himself. Highlighting Olivia Colman, her character has a great role in the emotional part of the film, the dialogues and the desperation to know that her father…