Tenet ★★½

Idk y’all.

I think this is a really cool and fascinating sci fi concept buried within a mostly boring and needlessly complicated spy movie. All the inversion stuff was genuinely awesome to think about, but the plotting was just an unceasing list of random macguffin objectives and attempts at twists and reveals and I just did not care. There’s not much to latch onto in terms of character, and it overall just didn’t hold enough of my interest.

It’s a shame really, because I really was excited and fascinated by the sci fi concepts at play. It’s all creative and explained very well and despite the fact that it’s very complicated, I was able to wrap my head around it better than I expected. I heard over and over again that this movie was super confusing, and it is, but it’s not really because of any of the time travel stuff. I was confused by more general story stuff, like “what exactly is motivating these characters? “why are we suddenly here doing this right now?” and “why should I care about any of this?”

The biggest positives, aside from the exciting and cool sci fi concept, are that inverted vs non inverted action is fucking awesome, and that this movie does pull a signature “Chris Nolan magic trick” in terms of its structure, and it’s cool to see him pull it off. I kind of figured out what the structural magic trick was going to be going in (it’s in the damn title) but it’s impressive and exciting nonetheless, and I’ve never seen a movie do that before, so serious props to Nolan for that. I just needed more, and this movie refused to give it to me.


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