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A new bar of quality for me now is genuinely "Yeah, but is it better than Venom: Let There Be Carnage?" I could make a simple reference to this being just about the best glow-up I've seen from an original film to its sequel, but to be fair, I think I have to more address Venom. I don't find it to be a "good" movie, but what remains so fascinating about it is that there are parts in that film that are really good. Mainly that has to do with the super unique relationship between Eddie and Venom that's midway between buddy comedy and bickering couple. Also, in regards to the general vibe to the film, it's such a relic of a bygone time of superhero films that in a world where movies in this subgenre are good but can start to feel "samey," then Venom became an unexpected breath of fresh air for moviegoers, it being "good" or not to be damned. I'm not here to talk about Venom, however. I'm here to talk about its follow-up. There was a film I saw Let There Be Carnage be compared to in a review which left me even more excited for it than I previously was, and it's exactly what I want to use for this film as a proper point of comparison. Venom: Let There Be Carnage is Evil Dead II to Venom being The Evil Dead. This movie feels like it's forty minutes long, and that's in this specific context the greatest compliment in the world. There is no fat to be found here, no moment in it that isn't contributing to its story or a moment of character. It's part of what makes this movie feel almost like an evolution of the subgenre to me. This is a no bullshit movie that's still well aware of what it is. It's self-aware in a way where it's not winking to the camera so much as it knows exactly what you are here to see, and it's going to give you little else than that. Because of that, and I can say this without an ounce of irony or over-exaggeration, this is maybe the most downright "fun" film that has been made by a major studio since, like, The Nice Guys. Tom Hardy now enters the tier of Hugh Jackman and Christopher Reeve to me as an actor that so perfectly embodies the character(s) he is playing. I'm glad the original writer of the first film returns here to help keep that "special" vibe, but Tom Hardy's writing credit with the story of the film is more than felt in the best possible ways. It's what I have to imagine it's like to see your favorite comedian giving a live performance. Playing Eddie Brock and Venom now seems like second nature to him, and it's beautiful. This is a movie about relationships and partnerships. Venom and Eddie are referred to in the overt text of the film as a "couple" and it rules. They're adorable, they're best friends, they're in love with each other, however you desire to read it, it all works so well. What compels me to adore this movie as much as I think I do is that even if I could have trouble fully describing this as a "great" movie to stack up to the likes of Citizen Kane or Psycho, this is still a movie that I think does everything it's supposed to do, as well as exactly what I would have wanted it to do. If you asked me, that's what makes a movie "great." I feel like I need to say again that this isn't a shitpost review, I'm not going to change my rating for it suddenly or delete this review tomorrow and then write my "actual" review. These are my real feelings about this movie. I lost track of how many times I smiled, and there's a rave scene here that's equal parts hilarious and, hand on a bible here, almost made me cry. All of the characters are used well, everyone has something cool to do, and the mid-credits scene is so very exciting to me. It's a miracle to me in some dare I say profound way that a movie this unashamedly silly and loony got made and released in the way it did. I think this is in some other way also something special in regards to modern blockbuster filmmaking, and I can cap this praise off for now by saying that Venom: Let There Be Carnage is immediately one of my favorite superhero films. If you had told me last year that I would put this over the motherfucking Snyder Cut in my ranking for films of 2021, and that it would also, with close to a hundred films seen released this year so far, be number two on said list, I don't even think I would call you a liar. I think I would just ignore you, because that was just going to be impossible. Ladies, gentlemen, connoisseurs of cinema, the impossible is possible. I got that adrenaline momentum.


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