Puparia ★★★½

Something is about to change drastically. We can only be witnesses to it.

In late 2019, not long before the end times hit, I had my first dive into the works of Junji Ito by reading the entirety of his brilliant, gorgeous, and wildly uncomfortable Uzumaki. I recommend that strongly, and I think there is still an Adult Swim adaptation of it on the way through Toonami, so if you want a good excuse to delve into that crazy shit, there you go. I mention Ito because Puparia at least of the handful of anime shorts and features that I have seen reminds me the most of his style. In particular, the way he draws humans, which I love. Their expressions can range from empathetic to horrid, and that comes in large part to the depth he is capable of giving to a drawing's eyes. Puparia captures that same depth, the chance for fear or something more positive seen within the eyes of the animated characters of this short film. It is very vague in its narrative if there even is supposed to be one, but it's insane to think this is an independent short and to my knowledge one completed by a singular animator. Good stuff, available for free on YouTube. Animation's future is bright.


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