Promare ★★★★


The most "anime" anime that ever animed. Promare feels like it's all of both the strengths and weaknesses of anime pushed to their absolute max. It's astounding in how beautiful, fluid, and colorful the animation is. The action sequences are incredible, of course, but even the most mundane moments of dialogue are gorgeous. And on that note, get ready for a movie that does not have a single silent moment. Whether it's sound effects, bombastic music, or "Voice Acting" with a capital V and A, there is not only no subtlety to the movie, everything is said out loud. Everything. It could be grating for some people, and the world of the film does get a little confusing to follow even as someone who really liked it, but that's the thing, I really liked it. It's so loud and so dumb, but it's both of those things in the most charming and endearing ways a film like it can be. Galo is the ultimate himbo. I liked watching all of the side characters despite most of them having little to no backstory. (There's a little rat named Vinny that eats pizza and mostly just says his own name. Aka, Vinny Vinesauce in anime form.) The constant talk about souls and fire, how every line is shouted as if it's the most important thing that had ever been said in the world at that point, I became enthralled with it, and I think on a second viewing I could even outright love this movie. It's cinematic junk food, like having Sour Patch Kids liquefied and injected into your veins, and it's kind of fucking awesome.


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