Hubie Halloween

Hubie Halloween ★★

True bravery's being kind, even to those who are being cruel to you.

I've talked my fair share about "three star classics," but I think I have to think about a new category of "two star classic." The first official entry can be Hubie Halloween, and it only makes sense that the king of "two star classics" should be the Sandman himself. Is this a good movie? Nah. But, listen, if you're going into a movie with this title and this cast at this point into all of their respective careers, what else do you really want? The like for this movie is earned in particular with the most important aspect of a comedy: This movie is funny. Even if there could have been instances where I was likely laughing at the movie as much as I was with it, it would be foolish to think about any of the jokes here not being exactly as Sandler and crew intended to be. This is a movie that begins with Ben Stiller wearing a pornstache and doing a baby voice, followed closely by a needle drop of "Monster Mash" and Adam Sandler doing an even sillier baby voice and projectile CGI vomiting onto the ground while riding a bicycle. It's a knowingly goofy and stupid comedy that would feel right at home being shown on Freeform on a chilly Halloween night, and I'm more than cool with a movie like that existing. The recurring visual gags with Hubie's thermos I genuinely thought was consistently hilarious and creative, would wish a Batman movie nowadays would have the balls to do things like that with a Batbelt. Steve Buscemi starts to do a Bobcat Goldthwait voice after a certain point with his character, and his chemistry with another eventually revealed Sandler pack classic actor is fun stuff. Goofy ass movie with some bad jokes and sluggish moments, but it mostly evens out to a more than enjoyable movie to throw on and chuckle frequently. Hubie Halloween 2 is some cinema I would buckle up for gladly.


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