House of Gucci

House of Gucci ★★★½

"I see a great fortune coming your way."
"Tell me."

Soap opera "sex, money, murder" story directed by one of the coolest guys around in this medium, features Jared Leto doing his audition for Waluigi, and "Faith" by George Michael plays shortly after Lady Gaga gets her flesh walls violently blown out by Adam Driver. Imagine disliking this. Maybe closer to being a very strong six out of ten, but I'm being lenient for the time being because I'm completely on the Ridley hype train, and I'm going to toss whatever bit of good will I can towards him. One other interesting thing about House of Gucci is that, while it of course has exquisite taste in fashion, it also has some real killer needle drops throughout its runtime, so, exquisite taste in music too. Beyond the aforementioned use of George Michael, any movie that uses "Humming Chorus" by Giacomo Puccini is going to be on my good side. I wouldn't go saying that every notable actor featured in this is "great," but it still feels like everyone here is trying to do something unique, something that they hadn't done in their career previously, and that I find noble enough. Actually kinda can't believe I'm saying this, maybe just keep it between you and me, with all of the backhanded talk about Leto possibly getting an Oscar nomination for his performance here, you know what, I wholeheartedly say give him the nomination. Is he "good?" Who gives a shit? He's super entertaining, I would automatically perk up whenever he would appear in a scene, and as much as it's known that Leto is a cult freak and bathes in virgin blood, I have to imagine that even he had some sort of knowledge about how silly he was getting here. Regardless of how hit or miss the final product can be (This film does admittedly have a few misses, maybe doesn't need to be as long as it is, for one thing.) I think this is the kind of movie that deserves to get made even more than it does. Big names, big director, committing to the bit for better or worse, both melodramatic and campy, good spaghetti.


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